About LBE

Who Are We?” We are Servant Leaders!

Leading By Example’s mission is to improve the quality of life for children, adults and families worldwide.

Leading By Example will utilize mental health treatment and education services to produce healing and restoration for our clients and their community.

Leading By Example is a mental health and education services institute servicing the Baltimore metropolitan area that is committed to ensuring the holistic health and development of children, adults, families, and communities. Leading By Example was founded in 2009 by Mr. Subramonianpillai Teal, LCSW-C and Mr. Johnnie Fielding, MSW. Both Mr. Teal and Mr. Fielding grew up in East Baltimore City and graduated from Baltimore City Public Schools. They are both first generation college graduates and were both aware early in their careers that each of their life’s purpose was to assist their community with healing.

Mr. Teal and Mr. Fielding met while serving foster children in Baltimore City, and developed a bond as brothers in spirit. After 10 years of brotherhood and 22 years of combined experience working in the community, they both recognized that mental health and support services were most successful when provided in the community. These support services include mental health counseling, therapeutic mentoring, and education services. They also resolved that community based services needed to be rooted in integrity. They concluded specifically that service providers should be willing to be leaders, and examples of the holistic health that they teach and promote to their clients. In addition, they resolved that service providers should be held to the highest level of accountability for integrity in the areas of:

  • Individualized Treatment Assessment and Planning
  • Service Delivery (According to plan and schedule)
  • Service Coordination and Collaboration.

In response to their life mission and their shared vision, Mr. Teal and Mr. Fielding designed and launched Leading By Example to be a benchmark institute for mental health, self development and education services in the community. In addition, they established Leading by Example to increase the population of community members who actively engage in being leaders and examples in the process of self development, community development, and family strengthening.

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