"What We Do": We help our clients reclaim their lives!

Leading By Example offers two programs: The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program and in-home Therapeutic Behavioral Services. We also provide Health Home Services as an extension of PRP services for qualifying individuals.

All of our services aim to:

  • Prepare our clients to independently manage their mental, emotional and physical health needs.
  • Help our clients to transition and stabilize in their homes and community after leaving hospitals, detention facilities, residential and recovery programs.
  • Prepare our clients to function in a healthy manner within their families and to live safely in their community.
  • Help our clients to develop the capability to independently manage their basic needs such as housing, transportation, nutrition and financial.
  • Help our clients develop education and vocational skills.
  • Help our clients replace destructive unhealthy behavior with healthy productive behaviors.

Our Services

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (PRP)
Minors and Adults

PRP services are provided to individuals living with mental illness, and helps those individuals and their families to manage their lives effectively. The PRP services for minors (age 5-18) involves 3-4 one hour visits focusing on that individual’s treatment plan through on- and off- site services and specific activities. Those in the adult program (18+) receive 6 one hour visits per month. The PRP services that we provide include:

  • Rehabilitation Assessments
  • Individualized Rehabilitation Plans
  • Leadership Skills Development and Education
  • Life Skills Development and Education
  • Social Skills Development and Education
  • Conflict Management Skills Development
  • Physical Health Maintenance and Diet Management
  • Medication Management Education
  • Education and Vocation Skills Development
  • Behavior Management Skills Development and Education

Health Home Services

LBE’s Health Home service is a voluntary Medicaid funded service offering care coordination services to clients provided by our medical staff and clinical support staff (i.e. Nurse, Direct Service Workers, Rehabilitation Specialist, Clinical Supervisors, etc.). This program allows us to serve clients suffering from chronic medical, behavioral and substance abuse disorders using a “whole person” approach. The overall mission for Health Home services is to educate our clients about their medical condition, and provide clients with resources, coordination of care, health promotion to ensure the client’s primary care, and behavioral health needs are met simultaneously. A client receiving Health Home services can expect communication from medical staff and clinical support staff at minimum once per month. The list below outlines the specific services rendered to our Health Home clients.

  • Comprehensive Care Management
  • Individual and Family Support
  • Referral to community and social support services
  • Transitional Care from hospitalization
  • Education and health promotion

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)

The TBS Program is a behavior modification service designed to provide intensive in-home services for minor clients who are at risk of removal from the home. The TBS program are for individuals ages 5-21. The specific TBS services that are provided include:

  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Individualized Behavior Modification Plans
  • One-on-One in home support services
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