The Leading by Example Academy

The LBE Academy is a professional and self development training and research vehicle that provides education to LBE clients, LBE staff, and developing professionals. The Academy provides the following educational services and supports:

  • Orientation and Certified Training for LBE Staff
  • Workshops, Educational Groups and Training for LBE Clients
  • Certified Training for Mental Health, Human Service and Education Professionals
  • Internships, Scholarships and Training for Mental Health, Human Service and Education Students


The Leading By Example Academy provides current community resources for clients including:

  • Current local events
  • Food drives
  • Access to school supplies
  • Therapy Resources
  • Housing Resources

Training for Leading By Example Staff
The LBE Academy serves as an in-house hub of training and support for the on-going skill development of Leading By Example staff. All Leading By Example staff members are required to take 24 hours of in-house certified training annually. These trainings focus on clinical documentation/service delivery, program policy and procedure, and various psychiatric rehabilitation intervention techniques. Trainings are an on-going requirement of employment for every staff member of LBE.

Training for LBE Clients

Events and workshops developed to assist LBE clients include:
  • Rites of Passage
  • Tai Chi
  • Local Event Calendar
  • Other trainings that we provide that are not listed above.


The Leading By Example Academy provides internships for students pursuing bachelors and masters level social work, education, psychology degrees. The Academy has fostered relationships and served students from local universities such as Morgan State University and the University of Maryland. Leading By Example Internships provide students with an awesome learning experience that allows them to utilize the theory that they acquire in the classroom in the process of facilitating practice with clients and the community. LBE provides licensed field placement supervisors to assist students with developing and mastering clinical, educational, program management and community organizing skills.

Book Scholarships for Students The Leading By Example Academy provides book scholarships to students that demonstrate strong leadership skills and embody the LBE Code which is: “We as servants must be examples of the change that we want to see in the world.” Students that receive the LBE Book Scholarship demonstrate good character, strong work ethic, and a strong commitment to self development and serving others. LBE gives book scholarships to two students annually.

Training and Consultation for Professionals
As Leading By Example continues to grow, we are excited that an upcoming addition to the Academy is that Academy will provide CEU certified professional development training for education, mental health, social work, and community based service professionals. We have established a network of highly skilled and experienced trainers that are prepared to teach and support professionals with enhancing their ability to deliver services and to administer programs. Our interactive and hands on training methods engage trainees in practical learning experiences that connect directly to their daily work experiences. CEU credits are provided for all training. We will provide training on topics such as:

  • Team Building and Team Leadership
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Effective Supervision
  • Effective Assessment and Treatment Planning
  • Providing care and services for urban families
  • How to manage your own needs and maintain professionalism while serving others
  • Increasing the involvement of males in the care of children
  • Behavior Management Treatment and Service Delivery
  • How to develop implement and monitor service delivery
  • The Enriched Structural Family Therapy Approach to treatment
  • How to develop and facilitate a service delivery team
  • How to track and monitor client and program outcomes
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